No Talent Night 2011

No Talent Night 2011 is now online for your viewing pleasure. Note: Please be patient, the videos need to load before you will be able to view them. You should see a blue “Q” (Quicktime logo) for a little while until they’re loaded. Then you can hit the play button on each video to watch it. Additionally, you can download each of the 5 parts to your computer (you don’t need to wait for them to load to download them). Enjoy!

Morning Teachings Audio pt 2

Here are audio recordings of the teachings of Friday morning (Thursday was the service project day, so no teachings), including a teaching by Luke Beecham and Fr. David Morettiand Randy Evans. Just click the play button to load and play the teaching. Alternatively you can right-click the link underneath the audio player and download the recording. Luke Beecham [audio:SC2011LukeBeecham.mp3] Download this recording Fr. David Moretti [audio:SC2011FrDavidMoretti.mp3] Download this recording