Saint John’s Camp Programs exists to share the Kingdom of God through Orthodox Christian community – loving and serving everyone as Christ loved and served us, helping them to see themselves as Christ sees them, teaching them to love and respect the image of Christ in all creation, and nurturing the development of lifelong friendships – so that they may grow in the fullness of the Christian faith and discover the depth of God’s love.
Saint John’s Camp Programs currently operates three camps/retreats throughout the year:

Saint John’s Summer Camp is a weeklong camp aimed toward students going into 4th grade through those who just graduated from high school (“grade 13”). These age groups are divided up among the campground with special programming geared toward developmentally appropriate themes for each age. The week includes fellowship, prayer, teachings, singing, games, a climbing wall and zip-line, refreshing pool and water slide, pick-up football, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball games, and a talent/no-talent show – all in beautiful Southern Indiana! It is a week filled with wonder and one you won’t soon forget – don’t miss it for the World!

Saint John’s Emmaus Retreat is a one day all-ages, all-parish family & adult retreat. A guest speaker is brought in to speak on the theme for the year. A meal and recreation time are shared together throughout the day as well. Free childcare is available to parents during the teaching sessions. Don’t miss it for the World!

Saint John’s Winter Retreat takes place over students’ winter break. The retreat typically is a long weekend that falls over the New Year’s holiday. Students who are high school and college age may attend to retreat from the stresses they may be facing at the end of the semester and recharge before starting their spring semesters at school. The retreat includes fellowship, prayer, teachings, singing, games, karaoke, and some good old fashioned pick-up football games – don’t miss it for the World!

Saint John’s Camp Programs is under the jurisdiction of the Orthodox Church in America.

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