2009 Camp Video – OFFICIAL TRAILER

This trailer was created in order to whet your appetite for the soon-to-be-distributed 2009 camp video. We’re not exactly sure how we’re going to distribute it yet. It is 2 DVDs, the first being camp footage and photos from Friday night and Saturday, and the second being No Talent Night. Until then, feast your eyes upon the official trailer for the 2009 Camp Video:

Click here to view/download video

That’s All, Folks

We had arguably one of the best ever camps this year, but now it is time to return to our regular lives. Campers were given packets upon departure containing prints of the official camp photos, a series of challenge questions and checklist, and a CD containing pdfs of the prayer walk quotes, teaching materials, contact lists, almost 300 photos from camp, and a 12 minute video clip of the Rivervaledance and singing Be Thou My Vision at the nursing home. The official camp video is in the process of being edited, so stay tuned to find out when it’s done! … Continue reading

Nursing Home Visit 2009

On Thursday morning we went as a group to Mitchell Manor, the local nursing home about 10 minutes from camp grounds, to sing some songs and play some bingo with the residents. The residents could not have been happier. We were very impressed with the way the campers integrated with everyone and so was the staff at the Nursing Home. We were there for about 2 hours. Here is a photoset from the visit, and hopefully we’ll be able to post video from the singing.

Teachings & Singing

Luke gave a teaching entitled “Growing Up” for the second teaching block on Wednesday. Audio from the teaching was recorded (along with audio from all of the teachings) and will be included in the camp packets distributed at the end of the week. There was also some amazing singing and praising on Wednesday, probably some of the best singing we’ve ever heard at camp. Pictures from both events are included in the following photo set.