Ready! Set! Go!

Saint John’s Camp 2013 is officially on the go! Four o’clock is here and campers have started trickling in for this years fun in the sun.

Here is some of the fun things that the staffers did the night before in preparation for the arrival of the campers. The second half of the first video shows the “glass is half full” attitude engendered by our amazing staff, who, after having to miss out on the much anticipated “staff swim” due to thunderstorms, decided to put some soap on the rain covered slip n’ slide and enjoy themselves anyway. 🙂  Thanks again for entrusting your campers to our care parents – we will send them home beaming! It’s going to be a fun filled and life-changing week!

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  1. Leave it to the staff to come up with crazy fun ways to enjoy a slip ‘n slide! Sure looks like an awesome time and wish I was there! Please keep the posts coming for those missing out!

    Also, almost cried a bit with the camp music. The sax(?) sure gives it a different feeling as well!

    Praying for a spiritually rejuvenating week for both staff and campers!

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